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Official 2021 Beta Factory MXGP Race Team Announced

Betamotor announces their official MXGP race team debuting for the 2021 European Motocross season! Jimmy Clochet (left), and Jeremy Van Horebeek (right) will be racing Beta's BRAND NEW 450RX motocross bikes!


Factory Warranty on All Models

Beta Motorcycles is the ONLY manufacturer that offers 6-12 month warranties on every one of their models!! Race Editions, RR's, RR-S's, Xtrainers, and Evo's all covered! Arguably the best customer support in the industry also!


Accessories / Performance Parts

Tons of accessories for protection, flash, and ease of riding all available from Powerline!!



** BYOB * Build Your Own Beta **

The BYOB program allows riders to fine tune the machine they purchase before they even sit on it!! Options like bars, foot pegs, wheels, exhausts, intake parts, engine parts, and even chassis can all be changed for your needs. Beta USA even adds a personalized name tag to the frame, exclusive to the BYOB program.


** Powerline Beta Build **

We will customize any Beta model to our clients needs, including parts/accessories not available through the BYOB program! Contact us for more information.

2018 Beta 300RR with 2" Lowering Kit, DOT Trials Tires, Exclusive Dual Sport Kit, and Cycra Hand Guards.




Factory Race models feature more than just special looks!! These bikes are built for racers, and competitors at the heart of their development. Upgraded suspension, higher engine performance, racing application add-ons, and of course some bling that can't go unnoticed!! Factory models are available in both Enduro (125, 200, 250, 300), and Trials (125, 200, 250, 300, 4T 300) versions!

The 2021 300RR 2T Factory Race is arguably the most coveted off-road bike since its introduction in 2014! The 2T Factory Race line-up consists of 125cc, 250cc, and 300cc models.

The 2021 430RR 4T Factory Race is one of Beta's best selling models! The 4T Factory Race line-up consists of 350cc, 390cc, 430cc, and 480cc models.

The 2021 Evo 300 2T Factory Race is Beta's "cream of the crop" trials model!! The Evo line-up consists of 125cc 2T, 200cc 2T, 250cc 2T, 300cc 2T, and 300cc 4T models.





** 2021 BETA 300RX MOTOCROSS 2T **

Introducing the all new 2021 Beta 300RX, a new model from the Itailan manufacturer that promises to bring "Rideability" to the MX world! It features an electric start MX-tuned 293.1cc two stroke power plant with adjustable powervalve, six speed transmission, longer travel MX-tuned suspension, exclusive MX-frame design, and 21" front / 19" rear blue anodized wheels!!


2021 BETA 300RX INFO




Beta revolutionized the enduro market with a bike that is compact, light, and easy to ride. The Xtrainer is the only true "All-Around, Entry Level" enduro bike in the market. It is the perfect bike for riders who wish to play ride without the intimidation of a full size enduro machine or for the expert rider looking to enhance their technical skills!



** 2022 BETA 125 RR ENDURO 2T **

The 2022 Beta 125RR received significant updates keeping it's role as a major player in offroad racing! Cylinder, and powervalve changes result in 1.5hp, and 10% torque gains with a focus on more linear power delivery! It shares the same chassis, suspension, and body updates as the larger 2T models as well.

2022 BETA 125RR INFO

DirtRiderMag 125RR Overview


** 2022 BETA 200 RR ENDURO 2T **

The "best-kept-secret" 2021 Beta 200 RR offers a larger bore and stroke over the 125 however sits in the same chassis. The 200 RR has incredible torque and is light weight all with oil injection, and electric start. It also sports an adjustable power valve!

2022 BETA 200RR INFO


** 2022 BETA 250 & 300 RR ENDURO 2T **

The new 2022 Beta 250 & 300 RR share the same platform with two very different power deliveries! Both models provide a large amount of single-track torque yet the 250 has a bit more over-rev. The 300 is the staple of the Beta brand selling out early each year which is no surprise considering the bike's oil injection, complete light package, plastic skid plate, and stunning looks that stand out in the crowd!

2022 BETA 300RR INFO

2022 BETA 250RR INFO

DirtRiderMag 2T Overview


** 2021 BETA RR-S 4T **

Beta USA is proud to announce their newest RR-S dual sport range! The RR-S models have been one of the Italian company's largest sellers, 2021 sales are expected to grow as more and more riders are finding the off-road worthiness of the range is unmatched! The new models arrive with a stiking Italian red layout with black wheels. Beta takes pride in offering the public a motorcycle that offers "Rideability" which is the 115 year old company's tagline!

2021 BETA 430RR-S INFO

Enduro21 4T Overview



( 2021 Beta Evo 2T Super Smooth )

( 2021 Beta Evo 4T )

( 2021 Beta Evo 2T )

With an extremely rich history in trials manufacturing, Beta has grown to be arguably the best brand on the market offering the tightest turning radius of all, and a hydro formed frame for the largest fuel capacity of all. The diverse EVO Trials range consists of 4-Strokes 250cc-300cc, 2-Strokes 80cc-300cc including a Super Smooth model for easier operation!!


( 2021 Beta Evo 80 Senior )

( 2021 Beta Evo 80 Junior )