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Powerline Cycles Demo Program : 2019 BETA 300RR

Sign up for our Demo Program to test ride a 2019 Beta 300RR!! We will have a 10 mile course with varying terrain for riders to gauge the models overall performance! All participants must have a valid MC drivers license, and appropriate riding gear. Contact Us


Beta USA Launches Demo Tour For 2018 / 2019

Beta USA will be touring the country offering demo rides on ALL 2019 models! Go to for full details, and to sign up for an event closest to you!!


Factory Suspension Packages

Beta SUSPENSION packages for all RR / RR-S / Xtrainer models are now available!! Contact us for more info!!


Accessories / Performance Parts

Tons of accessories for protection, flash, and ease of riding all available from Powerline!!



** BYOB * Build Your Own Beta **

The BYOB program allows riders to fine tune the machine they purchase before they even sit on it!! Options like bars, foot pegs, wheels, exhausts, intake parts, engine parts, and even chassis can all be changed for your needs. Beta USA even adds a personalized name tag to the frame, exclusive to the BYOB program.

2018 Beta 500RR-S (Baja Set Up)


** Powerline Beta Build **

We will customize any Beta model to our clients needs, including parts/accessories not available through the BYOB program! Contact us for more information.

2018 Beta 300RR with 2" Lowering Kit, DOT Trials Tires, Exclusive Dual Sport Kit, and Cycra Hand Guards.

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Factory Race models feature more than just special looks!! These bikes are built for racers, and competitors at the heart of their development. Upgraded suspension, higher engine performance, racing application add-ons, and of course some bling that can't go unnoticed!! Factory models are available in Enduro, and Trials versions!

The 2019 300RR 2T Factory Race is arguably the most coveted off-road bike since 2014! The 2T line-up consists of 125cc, 250cc, and 300cc models.

The 2019 350RR 4T Factory Race is one of Beta's best selling models! The 4T line-up consists of 350cc, 390cc, 430cc, and 480cc models.

The 2019 Evo 300 2T Factory Race is Beta's "cream of the crop" trials model!! The Evo line-up consists of 125cc 2T, 250cc 2T, 300cc 2T, and 300cc 4T models.





** 2019 BETA 200 RR ENDURO 2T **

The new 2019 Beta 200RR is a completely new project sharing many of the same features its siblings have!! This year brings about the newest version of the Sachs fork with a hand operated preload adjuster! In addition a powervalve adjuster, oil injection system, and electric start is standard on the 200RR!!

2019 BETA 200RR INFO


** 2019 BETA 125 RR ENDURO 2T **

The 2019 Beta 125RR is the result of a long development from the Beta R&D department! Aimed at filling a gap in the off-road market as a play bike, but also a serious race bike for the newly created GNCC XC3 class as well as the NEPG Enduro classes, it hits the market this year with some excellent updates!!

2019 BETA 125RR INFO

DirtRiderMag 125RR Overview




Beta has revolutionized the enduro market with a bike that is compact, light, and easy to ride. The Xtrainer is the only true "All-Around, Entry Level" enduro bike in the market. It is the perfect bike for riders who wish to play ride without the intimidation of a full size enduro machine or for the expert rider looking to enhance their technical skills!



** 2019 BETA 250 & 300 RR ENDURO 2T **

The new 2019 Beta 250 & 300 RR 2-Strokes are arriving to the market with many new features! The Italian manufacturer was able to transfer much of the know-how gained from the great racing successes including World Enduro victories in both the E3 Riders Championship and the Manufacturers World Championship. The Beta engineers, along with guidance from their top riders, Steve Holcombe and Alex Salvini, have designed a new line of motorcycles that are remarkably 10.4 pounds lighter in weight with better performance than the previous models!


DirtRiderMag 2T Overview


** 2019 BETA RR-S 4T **

The RR-S line is built with the average rider in mind, with all the performance characteristics competition riders would seek. RR-S models are fully road-ready with aggressive DOT knobby tires, flashers, a headlight featuring High/Low settings, a taillight featuring Running/Brake operations, fold down mirrors, and a horn for safety! In addition all these models feature an electric start four stroke engine for ease of operation!


Enduro21 4T Overview


** 2019 MiniCross-E Electric Enduro **

Beta's MiniCross-E model is geared towards getting your whole family in the mix while offering the highest quality on the market!! Inverted forks, adjustable shock, hydraulic disc brakes, and 12/mon. warranty makes this the choice for your child!!



** 2019 EVO TRIALS **

( 2019 Beta Evo 2T Sport )

( 2019 Beta Evo 4T )

( 2019 Beta Evo 2T )

The EVO Trials line is very diverse ranging from an electric model for ages 5-9, to 4-Strokes 250cc-300cc, and 2-Strokes 80cc-300cc including Sport models, and a Super Smooth model !!



** 2018 MiniTrial-E Electric Trials **

The Minitrial Electric model continues, and now has a big brother in the form of a twenty inch. The 16" model is designed for youth riders between the ages of 5-9 years of age, the 20" for ages 8-12, and the 20" XL model for ages 10-14!!